This movie helped me to realize something that really makes me feel old.  I remember back when I was high school, everything was so intense.  When someone slighted you or something didn’t work out, it was often the end of the world.  My parents would always talk about how it wasn’t that bad and all that other parental stuff that just coats your brain with slightly sticky positive thinking.  I would always think that they just didn’t get it, because they didn’t.  No one can.  If you aren’t a high schooler, you simply don’t get it.  And watching this film, I realized that I don’t get it any longer either.  Now there’s a chance to see if you get it or not with this film now ready for you to get on DVD.

Starting this December 21st, now available on DVD from Paramount Vantage comes the documentary event of the high school year that will take you back to when being popular really did matter more than anything else.  American Teen is ready to come blasting out of your television screen and bring the drama in with it.  Bring home this hilarious and touching film today!

This film follows the lives of five high school seniors during their last year at Warsaw Community High School in Warsaw, Indiana.  There is Hannah Bailey, the artsy rebel who doesn’t fit in, Colin Clemens, the jock all-star who dreams of professional basketball, Jake Tusting, the band nerd who is girl crazy but mad unlucky, Megan Krizmanich, the homecoming queen who has it all, and Mitch Reinholt, the heartthrob that all the girls want.  The kids make friends, destroy friends, have sex, get dumped via text message, get cheated on and drink way too much.  This is high school like you’ve always wanted to remember it, or at least the way that your kids are probably going to remember it.  A missed jump shot can destroy your life and an email sent to the wrong person can end up everywhere and show how no one really ever liked you to begin with.  So much drama and back in those years, it’s totally real.  This film shows just how intense those four years are and how you can never go back, thank God.

The special features included in this DVD are interviews with the cast during their promotional tour, a selection of Hannah’s blogs, trailers for each character, and a selection of deleted scenes.  The best deleted scene is “The Long Kiss Goodnight,” when Jake is saying goodbye to his girlfriend after a date.  It is the greatest special feature I’ve ever seen and it is beyond explanation just how great it is.  It’s worth buying this film just to see those eight minutes.

I thought this movie was fantastic and wholly enjoyable.  They take five high school clichés and run with them, but in high school, it’s the clichés that are the most true.  The homecoming queen really does think she’s better than everyone else and the heartthrob knows he can sleep with any girl.  That’s what high school was like.  I loved every character in this movie.  If anything, I wish they had focused on more people instead of just these five.  It’s a completely wonderful cinematic experience and, although some people out there are saying disparaging things about it, it’s real treat and I’m sure that you will end up loving it too.  Go out, get this movie and thank God you never have to live those four years of your live again.

This film is proud to be American.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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