Season Two

I was firmly against an auto bailout of any part of the Big Three.  I am a Democrat and certainly have no problem with government owning parts of any business, I simply think that the terrible management of those companies makes them unfit to survive.  Detroit is a mess because of bad oversight and bad foresight.  But there’s a cartoon where Detroit isn’t a mess and is actually a beautiful and forward thinking city.  Now it’s available on DVD.

Starting this January 6th, now available on DVD from Hasbro Entertainment and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the second season of the animated adventures of robots from outer space.  Transformers Animated – Season Two is ready to blast into your living room and transform your day into fun.  Bring home this fantastically exciting second season today!

As we all know, the last season ended with the resurgence of Megatron and a battle in which the Autobots and Sari lost the Key.  Now the Autobots need to clean up the mess the made and help the good people of Detroit believe in them again.  Not only that, but the Autobot Elite Guard have arrived to pick up the Allspark, but it’s been destroyed and is in pieces all over the place.  Now the race in on to find those pieces.  Can the Autobots and Sari get them in time?

These episodes are displayed in a full screen format and come with both English and Spanish language tracks.  The special features also include optional audio commentaries on episodes 19 and 20, two new animated shorts and a photo gallery.

This season is even more exciting than the first one.  Especially now that Megatron is free and new enemies are popping up all over the place, the heat is on for good.  This animation is delightfully colorful and actually a very faithful visual representation of the robots we’ve all come to love.  This is definitely the most child-friendly vision of the Autobots that I’ve seen in a long time, although it can be a little suspenseful for young viewers.  Bring home this fantastic story today!

Transform and roll out to a good time with this new DVD!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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