Singing Revolution 

Tyranny is reprehensible, regardless of the form it takes.  I am an American, so my natural view is that democracies are best and everything else is regrettable.  Yet in the history of the world, democracies and republics are highly rare.  Repressive governments are the norm and it is a regrettable norm.  It is our liberal traditions of the equality of humanity and the value of freedom that draw us towards representative styles of government.  Whether the repression comes from the Bush White House or Mugabe’s thugs, regardless of the difference in the stifling of freedom, it is something the people of the world should stand against and the stories of such standings stir something important deep within us.  Now one of those most compelling stories is available on DVD.

Starting this October 10th, now available in a Collector’s Edition Three DVD Boxed Set from Sky Films comes the inspiring and unbelievable documentary from filmmakers James and Maureen Tusty.  The Singing Revolution – Collector’s Edition is ready to burst into your living room and bring you a hopeful and musical true story.  Bring home this monumental cinematic accomplishment today!

This documentary was created by James and Maureen Tusty and is an ode to the history and beauty of Estonia and a compelling retelling of how they achieved their freedom.  We see Estonia as a free country after the First World War, then invaded and occupied by Soviet Russia.  They were then liberated by Nazi Germany who turned out to be just as bad and then were liberated again by the Soviets.  Estonia became a Soviet Socialist Republic and was very strongly dealt with by Stalin and his people.  Over time, the restrictions were lifted and small freedoms came slowly throughout.  The whole time, Estonians relied on their tradition of song and large public folk gatherings to keep their strength up.  When the Iron Walls began to collapse, Estonia made a daring move for their freedom, but did it by singing and showing solidarity and without even one armed soldier.  This film is that incredible story.

This collector’s boxed set consists of three discs and one thirty-two page booklet and educational guide.  Two of those discs are nothing but special features, so to say this boxed set is loaded down is an understatement.  There is an optional audio commentary from the filmmakers, timelines on the history of Estonia, fifteen separate maps of Europe and/or Estonia ranging in time from AD 180 to 1997, seven newsreels from the 1930s to the 1950s, thirty incredible and printable historical documents and over four hours of additional interview segments.  These special features take this interesting documentary and put it into the category of a must-have.

This film is powerfully moving.  Most people know little or nothing about Estonia, one of the tiny Baltic States, and this film does much to correct that knowledge gap.  Not only that, but as communism was collapsing all across Eastern Europe, a lot of the more fantastic details were lost in the shuffle and they are memorable moments that should be treasured.  With this movie, a lot of the greatest moments are preserved.  The bravery and passion of the Estonian people are a delight to behold and it is a genuinely inspiring movie.  The scene where all the anti-communists and the elected senate and the communist leader all work together to declare their independence from the Soviet Union as Soviet soldiers are literally at the gates is powerful beyond belief.  It must be an amazing thing to love your country that much.

This film will make your heart Sing!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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