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I don’t think there’s scientific data to back this up, but I’m sure it’s a common young male nightmare that you have gotten a girl pregnant.  It’s simply a life shattering type of thing, even if her mother is the governor of a state.  It’s adult responsibilities being thrust on someone that is rarely able to handle them.  Most people I know who are intelligent grown-ups would barely be able to handle that.  Now there is finally a show which deals with this topic honestly.

Starting this December 30th, now available as a three disc boxed set from ABC Family Channel Studios comes the exciting and involving tale about teen pregnancy and life in general.  The Secret Life Of The American Teenager – Season One is ready to leap into your living room and remind you that yes, all teenagers really are concerned about is sex and anything dealing with it.  Being home this delightful cautionary tale today!

Amy is a high school freshman.  She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s in the band and she’s pregnant.  The result of (literally) a few seconds with the school Lothario and she’s pregnant.  She can’t tell her parents, especially after they split up and it’s become extra hard since she has a new boyfriend, her first boyfriend and they both love each other.  He figures out that she’s pregnant and asks her to marry him so that he can take care of her and the baby.  She’s torn about what to do.  She can’t go and live with her grandmother and it looks like she’ll have to make it on her own.  What else could possibly go wrong?  Every character in this show is fantastic – the wounded yet still douche rebel boy, the slut girl, the good guy boyfriend, his troubled dating friends, the secretive school counselor, the slut girl’s slut mom, the goody cheerleader, the fallen Christian football star, the absent father, the unfaithful father, the dependant mother, the rebellious little sister.  This show is television perfection.

The special feature included in this three disc boxed set consist of an extended look behind the scenes with the cast and crew of the hit show.

Most importantly, it is so great to see Molly Ringwald back on television.  I still get a crush on her every single time I watch The Breakfast Club.  Shailene Woodley is a stunning actress, both in her looks and her emotive abilities.  I had not heard anything about this show before I got the first season on DVD and I was completely blown away.  This is a very emotionally involving show and it touches on real issues that teenagers actually do face with great honestly and sensitivity.  It is a phenomenal program and one that is doing much to remake the image of ABC Family Channel.  It is heartbreaking at times and there are episodes where if you don’t cry, you simply don’t have a soul.  This show is both bold and daring because it does deal with sex and pregnancy in such an awkwardly realistic manner and it deserves any and all accolades which might come its way.  It’s hard to express just how magnificent this show is, so just get it and watch it yourself.  That’s the only way to give this groundbreaking show
the justice is so strongly deserves.

Don’t keep this Secret to yourself.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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