I thoroughly enjoy the study of religions and gods.  I majored in theology and some of my favorite classes were spent looking at the Old Testament.  What the prophets spoke about and the attributes they focused on were heavily linked to what was happening in their world at that time.  Other religions are also the same in that they elevate a certain deity because of how it fills in the gaps of their culture at that time.  Now there is a new collection of episodes which takes a deeper look at those old gods and exactly where they went.

Starting this January 13th, now available on DVD from Infinity Entertainment Group and Smithsonian Networks comes the story of the original gods who have passed away as cultures have faded.  The Lost Gods is ready to soar into your living room and illuminate your mind with stories of forgotten deities and ancient rites of worship.  Bring home this fascinating and timely tale of lost religions.

This film, which was shot in eleven countries and is hosted by Christy Kenneally, is a look back at forgotten gods which will interesting more than simply religious people.  The five episodes on this disc take a look at five different and distinct groups.  The first of these is the Egyptians.  We take a look at how they learned to make pyramids and their obsession with death and the afterlife.  We visit the ruins of Abydos, Karnak and Luxor and we find a little known shrine to the lost gods of Egypt on the island of Philae.  The second group is the Greeks.  Their gods controlled nature and lived messy, human lives.  We see the ruins of many temples and examine the difference between each of the major gods.  The third group is the Romans.  They had many gods and exported them to their many controlled areas, but they mainly stole their deities from the Greeks.  The Christian deity also arose from out of this culture.  The fourth, and only non-European, group is the Incas.  They had a god who created everything, yet they also worshipped created things.  All of their cities were designed in the shape of animals and we get to see this firsthand.  The fifth and final group is the Celts.  We discover that they had no churches, but worshiped in nature as a whole.  Their religion was taken from them using force when the Romans took over.

As far as special features go, this DVD is somewhat lacking.  The episodes are presented in the letterbox format and subtitles are available in English for the hearing impaired.  Then again, just how many bonus materials could you possibly accumulate while making an informational television show?  I’ll let my desire for special features abate for now.

I learned an incredible amount about some of the lost gods from this collection of episodes.  I never knew a lot about the druids and other Celtic religious groups and the episode about the Incan belief system was especially enlightening.  The episodes about the Greeks, the Romans and the Egyptians didn’t present that much new information, but there were some tidbits that were still great.  Christy Kenneally is the perfect host for this show, mainly because if someone sounds European, you usually think they’re smarter.  They usually are.

With this informative guide to gods, you’ll never be Lost again!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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