The Duchess

Quick, Keira Knightly is wearing period clothing and is a star-crossed lover.  What movie am I referring to?  It’s actually a trick question, because that describes every major motion picture she’s been in other than three films.  She fought with pirates three times, drowned in a bomb shelter, shot arrows alongside the man who carried Excalibur and married Mr. Darcy.  All her films just seem like a sexier version of something you would happen to catch on PBS.  And since it’s Keira Knightly, it’s a whole lot sexier and actually provides guys with reasons to go out and watch these films.  Now there’s a new movie starring that skinny bombshell and you know you’re excited already.

Starting this December 28th, now available on DVD from BBC Films and Paramount Vantage comes the true love story of the most famous woman of her time and the two men in her life.  The Duchess is ready to come soaring into your living room and transport you into a world of Victorian elegance and sexual longing you will want to visit time and again.  Bring home this fantastically moving film today!

This beautiful and heartbreaking film is based upon the true story of Georgiana Spencer, the women who became the Duchess of Devonshire and was known as the Empress of Fashion.  She was universally well-known and loved while she was alive, but her personal life was a little more tumultuous that it appeared.  She was married specifically to birth a male heir for the Duke, yet failed the first two times and had two girls.  She also raised a daughter the Duke had sired with his former and now deceased maid.  The Duke was chronically unfaithful, up to the point where he slept with Georgiana’s only friend, who then lived alongside the two of them like a second wife.  After the Duchess did give birth to a boy, she happened to fall in love with Charles Gray, an up and coming politician.  Would she leave the Duke and her children for true love?  This film features Keira Knightly, Ralph Fiennes, Charlotte Rampling, Dominic Cooper and Hayley Atwell.

The special features included on this DVD are a featurette into the making of this film, a deeper look into the costumes made and worn for this movie and a featurette about what Georgiana Spencer said about herself.  More featurettes would be great, but I think what I’m actually pining for is whole lot more Keira Knightly.

This was a heartbreaking and beautiful film.  It is always a treat to watch Keira Knightly on any size screen and, I’ll be honest, she was the main reason I was excited to watch this movie.  Ralph Fiennes was mad good in his role, although you will completely hate his character.  The scene between the Duchess and her female friend was beyond the greatest cinematic moment I’ve ever had and I’m sure that anyone who watches this movie will completely love it.

This Duchess rules in a most beautiful manner.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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