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I was born far too late to be able to regularly enjoy those swashbuckling serial television shows.  There were pirates and swordplay and adventures and other things like that.  I prefer a good pirate book – Robert Louis Stevenson being a perennial favorite of mine.  Keira Knightly is the only reason I’ve been watching any recent pirate movies and Johnny Depp is certainly no decent substitute for Long John Silver, the true morally ambiguous pirate.  Nonetheless, there’s a great new DVD out which has swordfights coming out its ears.

Starting this January 20th, now available on DVD for the first time ever comes a story from Infinity Entertainment Group and Retromedia Entertainment which has been eight centuries in the telling.  Samson And The Seven Miracles is ready to swing into your living room in widescreen and take you along on two exciting and fascinatingly swashbuckling adventures.  Bring home this classic tale today!

In the first film, Gordon Scott, known from the movies starring him as Tarzan, is Maciste, also known as Samson.  He lives in 13th century China.  Samson rescues both a prince and a princess from an evil and horrid Tartan chief.  Yet the problems are only beginning with that rescue and it takes Samson many miraculous displays of strength before good can finally win.  In the second film, Dan Harrison stars as Ali Baba who is struggling against Omar, the evil ruler of Coprah played by Gordon Mitchell.  Ali has managed to fall deeply in love with a beautiful maiden, the lovely Fatima.  The only problem is that Omar is Fatima’s uncle and it all leads to a fantastic and deadly showdown.

As far as special features go, this DVD not only includes the title film, but also a second film, Ali Baba And The Seven Saracens.  There are also several hilarious trailers for other movies in this same muscle-popping genre.  I suppose it would be hard to find real special features for this movie, especially considering it was made in 1961. 

These films are delightfully cheesy.  No one wears shirts, the men are many and throw things and punch people with great and enviable gusto.  The women are beautiful and helpless and the sets are elaborate and coyly foreign.  People talk about the grand old days of cinema and occasionally they do have a point.  But when it comes to films like this, they don’t.  Movies are only getting better with time.  Now, that doesn’t mean that these two films are not enjoyable to watch – they are fantastic and I could watch them many times without becoming sick of the repetition.  Buy it for yourself and see exactly what I mean.

This cinematic Miracle is ready and waiting for you!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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