I think technology is fantastic and I go out of my way to keep up on technological news.  I read Wired.com every day and whatever other science articles that jump out at me.  It’s just nice to be able to understand new technology, to be able to talk about harnessing tidal energy or create hydroelectricity without needing a dam or be able to discuss how HD downloads will lead to the death of Blu-ray and how Sony missed the boat by about four years.  The world we live in is more and more dominated by technology, so understanding it better is always a positive.  Not only that, but the world as a whole, even Mother Nature, has technology all over it and there’s a new DVD out which takes an exciting look at it.

Starting this January 13th, now available on DVD from Infinity Entertainment Group and Smithsonian Networks comes an in-depth and completely fascinating look at the magnificent designs and technology we see in nature.  NatureTech is ready to come roaring out of your television screen and show you all the wonderful parts of nature that are technology at their finest and most natural.  Bring home this fascinating new look at technology today!

This show takes a look at the presence of technology within nature.  This disc contains three brand-new episodes.  The first of these is “Magic Of Motion.”  In this episode, a deeper look is taking at the science behind how birds fly and the different ways different kinds of birds use flight.  This episode actually won an Emmy Award for the camera work done here.  The second of these episodes is “The Material World.”  In this episode, we see the natural materials which are stronger, sharper and better for the environment than what we use now.  Being green doesn’t mean you can’t be cutting edge at the same time.  The third of these is “Energy Is The Key.”  In this episode, we learn about how mankind has built their civilizations around fire, whereas nature has revolved around different kinds of energy.  This episodes explores different ways that humanity can get back to other sources of natural energy.  All three episodes combine to make an informative and delightful collection of fascinating technology.

The special features included in this DVD are that each episode is shown in widescreen and comes with optional English subtitling.  It is a little disappointing that there are no true bonus materials, but the shows are so fantastic that they aren’t truly needed.

What three topics could be more interesting than energy, flight and building materials, all of which are found in nature?  These three episodes are some of the best science shows I’ve ever seen on television, let alone some of the best nature footage in a long time.  The production value is magnificent and the show is simply amazingly informative.  These are interesting and valuable tidbits of information we should all store away and help us better understand the world we live in.  I highly recommend this DVD for you and your whole family.

NatureTech is beyond fascinating!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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