Lost - The Complete Fourth Season

I think that being stuck on a deserted island would be fantastic.  Even if I couldn’t survive, that level of adventure would be awesome.  Now there’s a television show that explores that same feeling and it’s ready for you right now.

Starting this December 9th, now available as a six disc boxed set from ABC Studios comes the definitive island adventure of our time.  Lost – The Complete Fourth Season – The Expanded Experience is ready to crash into your living room and shake things up in ways you can’t imagine.  Bring home this fantastic show today!

It has been over three months since Oceanic 815 crashed on the deserted island and the island has only become more dangerous than before.  The only thing that could possibly be more deadly than they land they can’t leave are the people who have come to try and rescue them.  The four discs of episodes are so full of excitement and twists that it would be shocking to name practically anything that happens, so I’m going to leave it all as a surprise.

The special features included in this Expanded Experience DVD boxed set are beyond numerous.  There are two full discs of nothing but bonus features along with the Oceanic Airlines safety guide.  The special features include the first three seasons summarized in 8:15, a featurette about all the guns on the island, a look at the new people from the freighter, a featurette about how they turn Hawaii into the island, a look at the set used for the freighter scenes, a documentary questioning the survivors of Oceanic 815, a live performance of the score for the show, a look behind the scenes with cast and crew, a set of flash-forwards, some bloopers, a whole bunch of deleted scenes and optional audio commentaries.

This show is the shining beacon which shows that network television doesn’t have to be the interminable dross it is right now.  As usual, J.J. Abrams sets the standard as high as possible.  So many of the best shows on television are on cable – HBO, Showtime, FX, even AMC has a hit show.  It’s been lonely on network television with the exception of some good comedies.  Now there is hope.  I hadn’t watched much of the first three seasons of this show even though some of my friends are big fans.  Nonetheless, I found the fourth season to be very exciting and interesting and I’m even considering going back and watching the first three seasons.  If you haven’t checked this show out, you certainly owe it to yourself to try it.

It’s time to get Lost all over again.

This Expanded Experience DVD boxed set is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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