The Complete Second Season

Imagine waking up one morning and not having a single clue who you were.  Now, not only don’t you know who you are, but you’re waking up in the middle of a forest outside of Seattle and you still don’t have any clue.  Not only that, but you also don’t have a belly button and it certainly seems like you were genetically created and now you’re free.  You find a family and live with them.  Now imagine that all of this was true and it was a television show you were in.  Now imagine it was the second season of that show and you are left right where this new DVD boxed set starts up.

Starting this December 30th, now available as a six disc boxed set from ABC Studios comes the next season of the fascinating show about a boy who simply appeared.  Kyle XY – Revelations – The Complete Second Season is ready to come blasting out of your television screen and explode into your living room with its mix of science and teen soap opera shows.  Bring home this fantastically interesting and compelling show today!

Kyle is still practicing his abilities, a fact which strains his relationship with the Trager family.  After his mentor died, he went back to his adopted family, but things certainly aren’t getting any easier.  Now Kyle isn’t one of kind with the arrival of Jessi.  Right before the lab was destroyed, Jessi got out and ran around until she was programmed into Kyle new frenemie.  Jessi will certainly help Kyle understand where he came from, but she’s almost his complete opposite in so many different ways.  Yet even with all these new clues and so much more time to examine them, the question still remains – who is Kyle XY?

The special features included in this six disc boxed set are an alternate ending for one of the episodes, 27 brand new deleted scenes, a fantastic look behind the scenes with Matt Dallas and Jamie Alexander, optional audio commentaries from writers, cast members and producers along with a featurette taking a deeper look into the science of this television show.

I liked the first season, although it felt a little lacking in a couple of episodes.  Those problems have been firmly fixed in this new second season.  The dilemmas are more fantastic, the writing sizzles and is far more hilarious and dramatic than the first season.  Jessi is a wonderful character and the others just keep growing into better characters with every new episode.  I like the trend that television shows have begun to have towards things more dealing with science, along with the trend to make a lot of teenage soap opera shows.  They’re so much more dramatic.  They might not get critical acclaim, but they certainly are more interesting.  This show deserves some critical acclaim and it is ready for you to see why on DVD.

Get ready for some intense Revelations with this boxed set!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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