Funny Face - Paramount Centennial Collection

I know next to nothing about fashion and that’s fine by me.  I watch Bravo every now and again and I read Vogue once, but Blake Lively was on the cover, so it wasn’t about fashion for me.  But I’m a man, so I’m not expected to know much about it.  Now a classic film about the same substance is available in a whole new way.

Starting this January 13th, now available as a two disc collector’s edition boxed set from Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes a classic and wonderful tale of love and music.  Funny Face – Centennial Collection is ready to burst out of your television screen in a Technicolor blast and take you to a wonderful world of music and possibilities.  Bring home this classic tale to enjoy whenever you want!

Jo Stockton in a lonely clerk at a Manhattan bookstore who is discovered by fashion magazine editor Maggie Prescott and fashion photographer Dick Avery.  They are looking for a new kind of model and quickly discover that Jo is what they want.  She is reluctant because she doesn’t like models or fashion, but discovers that they want to take her to Paris for a shoot.  Jo has always wanted to go so she could attend a lecture by her favorite philosopher.  Jo puts up with a lot to get to France, but will it be worth it when she ends up getting there?  This film stars Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Kay Thompson, Michel Auclair and Robert Flemyng.

The special features included in this two disc collector’s edition are a featurette about the use of pink in this film, a look at VistaVision, a featurette about the lives of fashion photographers, a look at fashion designers and where their influence comes from, a featurette about Paris, a retrospective on Paramount Studios back in the Fifties, the original theatrical trailer and some photo galleries as well.

Until I watched this movie, I did not know that it was a musical.  Normally I do not like musicals at all, but this is the music of Gershwin.  How can you be an American and not like what Gershwin did?  It’s like not liking Irving Berlin!  That’s simply preposterous!  This is the funniest Audrey Hepburn I’ve ever seen and I liked it a whole lot more than I thought I would.  I never like musicals and I’m not even that big of a fan of either Audrey Hepburn or Fred Astaire, but something about this film just forced me to enjoy it.  I’m sure that you will feel the same way, especially with all these new special features as well.  Bring home this hilarious and touching classic today!

Don’t make that Face, you know you love it!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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