Encounters at the End of the World

A good documentary is second to nothing when it comes to an enjoyable film experience.  Yeah, a movie is good, especially when all you want is to just veg out, but learning always trumps anything else.  I liked Al Gore’s documentary and think Errol Morris is one of the most fantastic directors in the world.  But there’s one who is even one step beyond him and that would be none other than Werner Herzog.  All of his films are magnificent and glorify the human spirit and touch in this world.  My favorite is Grizzly Man, but they are all good.  Now, luckily for all of us, there is a brand new documentary from this modern master.

Starting this November 18th, now available in a two DVD set from Discovery Films and Image Entertainment comes the next cinematic adventure from behind the lens of one of film’s greatest documentarians.  Werner Herzog’s Encounters At The End Of The World is ready to take you on a wild trip down to Antarctica and show you the human face of the desolate wilderness and all the crazy hidden things we never hear of.  Bring home this fantastic and wholly compelling vision of the last great unknown areas on our globe.

Werner Herzog sets off for the frozen planes and drifts of Antarctica because he wants to learn the stories of those who have chosen to live and work at the bottom of the earth.  He spends time with those who make a living driving the big machinery that make roads, he interviews biologists and scientists of all stripes, he takes a deeper look at those who dive under the ice to look for new forms of life and he chats with kitchen workers.  It is an eclectic and hopeful group who live down there and, as one kitchen worker says, even the guy washing your dishes has one or two Ph.D.s.  This film moves beyond penguins and vast expanses of white and creates a cinematic experience unlike few others.

The special features included in this two disc set consist of an optional audio commentary from director Werner Herzog, producer Henry Kaiser and cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger, the original theatrical trailer, an interview with Werner Herzog by Jonathan Demme and a whole bunch of dazzling featurettes – Under The Ice, Over The Ice, Dive Locker Interview, South Pole Exorcism and Seals & Men.

This was an amazing and compelling film.  Not only that, but it was very educational.  For instance, through this movie, you will learn that seals make noises underwater that sound like something straight out of a techno rave.  It was as though Broken Social Scene was performing under the sea.  The people you meet in this film are such a bunch of dreamers that it makes you almost want to leave it all and go live in the icy wilderness.  We stand on top of a gigantic iceberg slowly moving to its death in warmer water and the size is staggering.  Herzog has unlocked a world so often thought of as both cute and deadly and shows us the beauty and heart which lies beneath.

This Encounter will leave you breathless!

This Two DVD Set is available at Amazon.com.

For more information, visit Encounterfilms.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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