Elephant Tales

Elephants are enormous.  I’ve never seen one in the wild, but even seeing one in an animal prison, aka zoo, is an intimidating experience.  They are monstrous beings and I can’t even imagine trying to hunt something of that size with my ancestors 200,000 years ago.  Yet elephants are not only gigantic, they are also highly intelligent and very developed social creatures.  It’s tragic that they are poached with such regularity.  Now there’s a new exciting movie out about the lives of elephants.

Starting this December 9th, now available on DVD from MGM Studios Home Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the moving story of elephants and survival.  Elephant Tales is ready to stampede out of your television screen and turn your living room into the plains of excitement.  Bring home this wonderfully touching film today!

Zef and Tutu are young elephants who just happen to have been recently orphaned.  The Badness came and took their parents and the rest of their herd.  So it’s off across the African plains they go, working to rescue those they love.  Along the way, the two meet Chump, an orphaned chimpanzee who likes to think he’s the king of the jungle.  Then they come across Stretch, who must be the must nervous giraffe of all time.  Rounding out their crew of orphans is Cub, a relative of the real jungle king.  Will they be able to stay together and stay safe?

It pained me to see that there were not any special features on this DVD.  What a fantastic place to have some in-depth looks at wildlife and the way that climate change is making life harder on them.  If ever there were a time to teach kids about the dangers of our outrageous carbon consumption, it would be after seeing this film and connecting with these animals.  It was disappointing and kept this DVD from really reaching its potential.

I enjoyed this movie a whole lot more than I thought I would.  It was like a fun nature documentary with characters you felt you could know.  If you have a child who is excited about nature and loves animals, this would be a fantastic present for them.  Even if they don’t like animals, this film could very well serve to plant that seed within an impressionable and still compassionate film.  Even without any of that, it’s still a wholly enjoyable movie and families will be sure to love it.

You’ll love this exciting and moving Tale.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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