Season Two [Blu-ray]

It’s an American fantasy to be a spy.  You get to lie, you get to wear cool clothes and sleep with beautiful women.  You get to drive fast, you get to shoot people and things blow up all the time.  What white guy from Middle America wouldn’t want that life?  It’s like how we live now, only the complete opposite.  But being a spy isn’t that exciting or exotic, something that television shows usually don’t focus on.  But what if there was a show that looked at the darker side of that life?  Now all sixteen episodes of the great second season of a show all about that life is available in a brand new format!

Starting this June 16th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from USA Network and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the second season about the exciting lives of spies when they have to make it on their own in a hostile environment.  Burn Notice – Season Two – Blu-ray Disc is ready to shoot right out of your television screen and bring a world of espionage, surprises, twists and turns into the middle of your living room.  Bring home this surprisingly enjoyable cable drama today!

Michael Weston was a spy at the top of his game, but then he got his burn notice.  It identified him as a spy and burned all his connections, essentially blacklisting him from that entire community.  Now he’s all alone and is left with nowhere to turn.  Luckily, his former girlfriend and former IRA operative, the beautiful Fiona and Sam, his former partner and best friend, are both in Miami and willing to help him find who burned him and get back in the game.  In this second season, Michael has a new boss, Carla, and she just might be the woman who burned him in the first place.  This show stars Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless and Tricia Helfer and is shown on the USA Network.

The special features included in this Blu-ray Disc are cast and crew commentaries on three different episodes, a gag reel, a look behind the scenes at the show, a wide selection of deleted scenes and a great Easter egg.

When I would first randomly catch episodes of this show, I did not like it all.  Jeffrey Donovan just seemed like an uninspiring actor to watch and the plot of the show did nothing for me.  But as I watched more episodes, I began to like the show more and more.  Partly because both Gabrielle Anwar and Tricia Helfer are remarkably good looking, but mainly because I love Bruce Campbell and think he is completely hilarious.  And when you get down to it, this show is not so much about espionage as it is more of a modern reboot of The A-Team, perhaps the greatest television show of the eighties.  It’s like Jerry Bruckheimer does The A-Team, to be more precise.  It’s a fast, flashy show which you will grow to enjoy, whether you want to or not.

Take Notice and start watching this great show today!

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