I have read the works of Che Guevara several times now.  It’s heartbreaking to hear the kinds of things he says, to see the problems he saw.  America was the cause for many of them and in our resistance to his domino, we made things so much worse for a great many people.  Yet to this day, being the insulated and spoiled nation that we are, we still have yet to understand the gravity of the evils we have helped to perpetrate.  Now there’s another movie which serves to further illuminate our blindness.

Starting this January 6th, now available on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and WWE Entertainment comes the third story about Americans down inside an enemy position and their quest to survive and make the bloodthirsty Uncle Sam happy.  Behind Enemy Lines – Colombia is ready to leap out of your television screen and leave you with an overly aggressive and neoconservative view of America’s relationship with Latin and South America.  Bring home this monument to Pax Americana today!

After a narrator gives a decidedly one-sided introduction to FARC, we meet a group of Navy Seals.  They plan a secret mission to visit a negotiation between FARC and the Colombian Army.  When they arrive there, they are ambushed by a third party who kills most of them and nearly everyone else.  Using the video the Seals took, the third party, led by a Colombian whose wife and child were killed, supposedly, by FARC, the Seals are framed for the attack and subsequent murders.  Their government abandons them and they are stuck without supplies in the middle of a country that is trying to kill them.  How will the violent Americans ever escape?  This film stars Mr. Kennedy, who is a professional “wrestler” of some sorts, Keith David, Steven Bauer and Joe Manganiello, better known as Owen, the alcoholic bartender who just slept with Millicent on One Tree Hill.

The special features included in this DVD are an optional audio commentary from Eric Moro, Chris Moffett and Chris Carl, another optional audio commentary from Tim Matheson, Joe Manganiello and Mr. Kennedy, a look at casting some of the main characters of this film, a blooper reel, a featurette on some of the stunt work, a look at the location of Puerto Rico, a featurette about shooting military action on camera and much more.

I haven’t seen either of the previous movies in this series, but I’m sure they weren’t Oscar contenders either.  That didn’t make me dislike this film, because it’s nice to have a realistic movie you can sit down and just lose yourself in and not have to learn anything.  The action sequences were good, it was an interesting film and it wasn’t bad at all.  Except that it was actively proselytizing for a conservative worldview when it comes to American interventionism.  At one point in this film, a Colombian tells one of the Seals that America isn’t very liked in Latin and South America.   The American is incredulous and can’t understand why that would be the case.  The entire problem behind this film is summed up in that small moment.  There are a great many reasons why those to the south of America should not like us.  This film is a travesty because it doesn’t acknowledge our culpability.

Leave this film Behind too.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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