Babylon A.D.

What is it that makes a dystopic vision of the future so appealing?  Perhaps we are drawn to them because they are a form of justification for our dislikes.  We think corporations are too large and irresponsible and it turns out that they are destroying the world sixty years from now.  We look down on those who mock global warming and the Berserkers end up killing them while we are safe and protected from Dennis Hopper.  Not to mention, it’s just exciting to see the world destroyed and feel glad that things aren’t that bad yet.  Now there’s a new dystopia on DVD for you to enjoy.

Starting this January 6th, now available on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes an exciting tale about life in the near future where things are even worse than they are right now.  Babylon A.D. is ready to come blasting out of your television screen and show you a world to come and the only possible way to survive in that new world.  Bring home this fascinating and graphically stimulating look at our world today!

Toorop is a mercenary who lives in a darkly futuristic Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  His life consists of staying out of trouble and just staying alive.  Yet he is found and picked for a dangerous and life changing mission because of his idealism in the face of constant death.  Toorop is to escort a mysterious girl, Aurora, and the Sister taking care of her across the nuclear war scarred heart of Russia, across America and into the glittering city of New York City.  Once they get there, a discovery is made which could change the whole world.  This film stars Vin Diesel, Mélanie Thierry, Michelle Yeoh and Gerard Depardieau.

This disc is loaded down with special features.  There is an interview with Maurice G. Dantec, the man who wrote the book this film is based off of, a look into the snowmobile scene, a featurette about the hummer sequence, some deleted scenes, a featurette about all of the martial arts in the film, an exclusive prequel graphic novel and much, much more.

I thought this film was fantastic.  Watching it, I figured it to be most of the normal post-9/11 type scenarios, until I discovered that Dantec wrote the book back in 1996.  It is eerily prescient in a lot of what it says and shows.  Everything is so dirty and Russian in the future and even the one truly American city, New York City, is so overly commercialized that it’s nearly unrecognizable.  It is a chilling vision of the future that seems far too real.  Vin Diesel is wholly enjoyable in this film, as usual.  He’s not exactly an intellectual powerhouse in his film, but he does play Dungeons and Dragons and he’s always fun to watch.

Alas, Babylon shines.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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