As we close in on our Independence Day, it is becoming increasingly clear that our independence and sovereignty are under direct attack.  Almost every day there is a new episode of violence on our nations borders.  As I write this article, the top story in the news is a shootout between rival cartels on the Mexico-Arizona border.

In the last month or so we have seen incident after incident, story after story, detailing exactly how “open” our borders truly are, and the type of violent individuals who roam freely across it.  There are now actually signs in Arizona which identify areas within the state that U.S. citizens are not supposed to travel in, as they are areas which are basically controlled by Mexican drug cartels.

Yet, the Obama administration and their liberal cohorts continue to tell the American people that there isn’t a problem.  Congressman Pete Stark made a statement that only our out-of-touch, elected bourgeoisie could make this week when he claimed that the borders were secure.  Good ole Pete went further when he decided to mock a Minuteman in the audience by asking him, “who you gonna kill today?”  Stark went on to gaffe-off a question about why the border isn’t secure by claiming, “We can’t get enough Minutemen armed we’d like to get them armed so that they would stop shooting people.”  This statement details Starks extreme lack of intelligence in regards to the Minutemen, who are a group of citizens who voluntarily patrol the southern border of the United States to spot illegal aliens crossing and report it to border patrol agents.  The Minutemen do not go armed, by the way, or even attempt to confront illegal aliens they observe crossing the border.

This is just another sterling example of liberals making uneducated statements on subjects they obviously know little about.  Why let a little thing like fact finding or intelligence gathering get in the way of toeing the party line?  This is no different than President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, all going on the record against Arizona SB 1070, before they had read the lengthy 10 PAGE DOCUMENT!  See, they have to be against it, regardless of any facts because deep down in places no liberals like to admit, they are for open borders.  SHHHHH!!!  Don’t tell anyone…they know that 70% of the nation is in support of the Arizona bill, and against an open border policy, so they want to keep this under wraps, passing bills in the middle of the night and holiday weekends, counting on our short term memories to allow their re-elections.

They know that long term, the more poor, uneducated, government-dependent citizens they can get into our nation, the more votes they will be able to get in each election.  They need to find more votes these days since their last vote-acquiring plan involving taxpayer funded ACORN registering fraudulent, deceased, and sometimes even cartoon characters to vote was discovered.

Wow!!!  Only 21 dead in border violence this morning.  Maybe Pete Stark and Janet Napolitano are right.  No problem down here in Arizona.  Nothing to see

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