CNN are being pretty tight lipped over Lou Dobbs latest piece of vitriol where he managed to call New York Democrat Governor Eliot Spitzer an idiot during an interview. I have long felt that this brother in arms to people like Rush Limbaugh and Don Imus should be relegated to the broadcasting cellar, rather than prime time television.

I have been happily waiting for this shock jock of reporting to backfire, and this could well be the event. So far CNN has not made any public attempt at muzzling this Pit Bull, but I’ll bet it is being talked about. Day after day he lashes out about illegal immigration, and the irreparable harm it is causing to the US. He skillfully avoids the hard facts, without the Mexican workers most of the Southern economy would be in a shambles. You are not going to find people to pick your apples, trim your trees, help with construction projects, or the other million jobs that pay minimum wage. These are all jobs that Americans do not want, and everyone is in agreement (well everyone but the bigots like Lou Dobbs), that without the Mexican workers the cost for produce would soar at the supermarket.

Lou, if they do can you, I hear that Howard Stern is looking for someone to get his coffee and donuts in the morning. It doesn’t pay a lot, but its steady work, and better still he will pay you cash!

If Lou loses his job over this, I for one would not shed any tears, just another idiot off the screen And lets face it, he won’t have any trouble getting employment, the Klan is always looking for new leaders, and if the white robes do not appeal, Arizona can always use a new border vigilante.

Simon Barrett

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