A mother from the UK has said that she fears for the health of her family because of exposure to asbestos. Forty two year old Annette Howett discovered that a flood in the flat above hers was causing fibers of asbestos to fall into her son’s bedroom at the flat that they live in.

Asbestos fibers and dust that become airborne can cause a range of health problems through exposure, and this includes scarring of the lungs, serious respiratory problems, and even a form of deadly cancer that can take many years to fully develop from exposure, known as mesothelioma.

Tests on the home confirmed that asbestos was being released into the property, and these tests were carried out after she called the company that manages the council properties in the area, St Georges Community Housing.

Annette stated: “The council said it is asbestos, but they haven’t sealed the hole or anything. They’ve just told us to sweep up any fibres that fall through. My son has had to go and stay at his grandmother’s, but my nine-year-old daughter is still here. What about her health?”

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