A mother from the UK has stated that she is too scared to give her kids a bath after a plumber came out to fix a water problem but quickly left after discovering asbestos by the water tank in her home. The twenty seven year old mother said that the deadly substance was found by the water tank in the attic.

A second plumber came and turned the water off from the tank because it was leaking, but the mother is now afraid to put it back on and bathe her kids in case the water is contaminated. She stated that she was horrified after the discovery was made.

She stated: “I’m terrified about what could happen. I’ve been bathing my kids in this water and you know what children are like – they stick their heads under the water and muck about. Now I have all these terrible thoughts going through my mind. They won’t be going back in that bath until that asbestos is removed.”

As a housing association tenant she called her housing office. She said: “I called my housing association, Linstone, and they sent someone out to switch the water off but didn’t do anything about the asbestos. I’ve been calling them non-stop trying to get this sorted. I’m having to go to my mum’s house in Paisley just to have a bath. This is no way to live. I’m so angry.”

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