The mother of the youngest victim of mesothelioma in the UK has said that she will fight to learn the truth about how and why her daughter contracted the asbestos cancer that killed her, and has promised that she will do it alone of necessary because her lawyers have given up on the case.

Leigh Carlisle was just twenty eight years old when she died from the asbestos related cancer last year. It was thought that she may have been exposed to asbestos while she was a child, and that the exposure could have been from the schools that she attended or from short cuts that she used to take to get to school.

However, investigations through up no leads and her lawyers decided to rest her case. Leigh’s mother stated: “We’re being told to get on with our lives and that we might never know how Leigh died. We can’t be expected to be satisfied with this. We are a grieving family. We will always be grieving for Leigh. I owe it to my daughter to keep looking for what caused her cancer and I will not stop until my last breath.”

She explained how the family felt after Leigh’s diagnosis, stating: “After the shock subsided we were left with the question how did Leigh come into contact with asbestos. We had the massive task of retracing her life. It meant talking to friends, family, neighbours – anyone who had come into contact with Leigh. We did our best to explore every avenue and possibility. That question still hangs over me and the family.”

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