miranda-rifenburgh.jpgAccording to the Portsmouth, New Hampshire police an arrest warrant has been issued for 25 year old Miranda Rifenburgh after she abandoned her three children on January 14, 2012. She is being charged with three counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Minor. The Division of Children Youth and Families have been notified.

The report says that Rifenburgh sent her fiancé a text message telling him she was leaving him and all the children. When he returned home from work, he found all three of the children, 22 month old Isabella and six month old twins, Sophia and Michael home alone. Rifenburgh apparently had left them there alone.

The police reported that the 22 year old old was also a twin but on December 28, 2011 the other twin, Savannah died unexpectedly at her home. There is no word on the cause of death.

New reports are that according to Deputy Police Chief Stephen DuBois, Rifenburgh has been in touch with them and she is expected to turn herself in. He said she is presently in Massachusetts and she wants to surrender but he isn’t exactly sure when this will happen.

In the meantime Detective Tom Cashman is asking that anyone that has had contact with Miranda Rifenburgh to please call the Portsmouth police at 436-2145, or Detective Cashman at 610-7587 or Detective Aaron Goodwin at 610-7627.  If you would prefer to call anonymously you can call Seacoast CrimeStoppers at 431-1199.

I hope she does turn herself in and save a lot of trouble for the police. She is a woman that apparently has some problems and she needs to get some help. I will be praying for these children. I am thankful to God that so far they are all unharmed.

Jan Barrett

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