aveion-lewis.jpgIn January of 2010 Brandon Lockett told the police that three suspects entered his apartment where he was with his stepson, Aveion Lewis and Aveion’s 4 year old sister. He claims they knocked him out leaving him unconscious and tied the little girl up and then kidnapped the two year old boy.

Lockett told the police that the men left a ransom note demanding $10,000 for the safe return of the child. Locket even gave a complete description of the three men involved and even said they drove off in a 1990 Chevrolet Blazer.

During the investigation, the police became concerned when Lockett and his wife, Aveion’s mother, Morgan Lockett were not exactly cooperating with the investigation. They had some reservations about what they were being told but they didn’t want to risk the child’s safety in case the story of him being kidnapped was actually true.

Later on Brandon Lockett admitted to the police that he had lied to them about his stepson being kidnapped. He told them the child was dead before they even called the police. Aveion’s body was found in a Virginia landfill. He was found bound and wrapped in plastic.

Indictments were handed down from a grand jury against both Brandon and Morgan Lockett for the murder of Morgan’s son. Brandon Lockett had previously been arrested and charged with child neglect, improper disposal of a human body and obstruction of justice. Now they say that Morgan Lockett caused or allowed her son to be tortured, tormented, mutilated, beaten and cruelly treated.

It took almost two years to go to court but it came to an end in October when Morgan Lockett entered a plea agreement. She plead no contest to a second degree murder and child abuse charges. The judge presiding over the trial threw out the first degree murder charges saying the evidence brought forth didn’t support the charge. She was sentenced on January 4th. She was given 10 years for felony child abuse and 30 years for the 2nd degree murder of her son. When she is released from prison she will have to serve a 15 year probation and she will not be allowed to live, work or be near any young children.

Brandon Lockett had also entered a no contest plea but on the last day of Morgan’s trial he tried to withdraw his plea, claiming that he was bullied into accepting a deal and that his attorney’s didn’t help him. He wanted his case to go to trial and represent himself. A judge ruled against him and he will now be sentenced on January 20th.

OK so this brings some justice for this precious two year old child, but where was our system when he needed them? Aveion was born with some medical conditions that required him to have surgery to remove part of his intestines. When he was 14 months old it was reported to Social Services that he was being neglected by his mother and that he was extremely underweight for his age. An investigation found the child only weighing 9 lbs, so he was removed from the home in May 2008 and placed in a foster home, where he started gaining weight. For some unknown reason the child was returned to his mother’s care 4 months before he disappeared.

If only he had been left in foster care, this precious child’s life might have been spared. I know he is in heaven with Jesus and all the other children and he is painfree and being well taken care of, but I can’t help but wonder if he would still be here on earth living a happy life. I know that he is happy where he is now. May God always watch over him.

Jan Barrett

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