wazineh-suleiman.jpgTuesday I wrote an article about a mother of five young children ages between 6 and 12, Wazineh Suleiman that disappeared Friday evening. She told her children she was going to Wal-Mart to rent a movie but apparently never made it there.

Her husband, Abed Suleiman told police he was gone on a planned hunting trip at the time, but had turned around to return home when he and his friend realized they had booked the wrong weekend for the trip. When he got home he was shocked to see his wife’s car gone, saying she never went out at night, causing him to be alarmed.

Wazineh’s car, a gray 2004 Nissan Armada was found Tuesday parked and locked ar a vacant business near I-75 in Cherokee County which is located about 12 miles from the Wal-Mart she said she was going to. Lt. Jay Baker with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s office says there was no sign of anything to cause suspicion in or around the SUV.

Police questioned Abed Suleiman for three hours late Wednesday night about his wife missing, and according to Abed it was so they could totally rule him out as a suspect or person of interest in the case. According to Bartow County Sheriff Clark Milsap they do not consider Abed as a suspect or person of interest.

One thing that bothers me is that the woman’s husband told authorities that he and his wife had been texting each other the night she disappeared. He said in one of the messages she sent to him, she states “I’ll just throw my phone out the window.” Why in the world would she say that to him? Were they arguing?

He claims that in other messages she used slang language that she would never normally use causing him to think that she had been forced to send the message or used her phone. He says, “She would never, ever, ever talk to me like that and text me like that. Something’s not right.”

Abed Suleiman said that he moved his family to Cartersville from south Florida about three years ago. He is a pharmacist at the Redmond Regional Medical Center in Rome, Georgia. Court documents filed show that the Suleiman’s were more than $1.2 million forcing them to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in August. They owed more than $150,000 on credit cards and they were forced to surrender most of their assets which included rental property in Florida. They were allowed to keep their home on Law Road in Bartow County. Investigators say they are not sure if the financial problems had anything to do with Wazineh’s disappearance.

wazineh-suleiman-with-hair-covered.jpgWazineh Suleiman has been described as Middle Eastern female and she is about 5 ft 7 inches tall. She weighs about 130 pounds. She has long brown hair and hazel eyes. She mostly wears her hair usually covered, as shown here on the right.

If anyone has any information that can help find Wazineh Suleiman please contact the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division at (770) 382-5050, extension 6032.

I do pray that this woman is found soon. I am sure her children miss their mother and wonder where she is as does her husband. I pray that she is somewhere unharmed and returned home soon.

Jan Barrett

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UPDATE: The Bartow County Sheriff says that Wazineh Suleiman has been found alive but they haven’t said where she was. Another sheriff in a different part of Georgia contacted Bartow authorities Thursday morning, saying they had located Wazineh Suleiman, but that she did not want to disclose her location.

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