A few weeks ago a caring friend online that told me about a mother, Kay Wilson, needing help getting the word out about her son, Eric Preimesberger that had disappeared. She had not heard from him since April 20th, 2010 when she spoke to him on his wedding anniversary. She talked to him about the move he and his wife and their two children, Ivy Rayne and Damien Eric, planned to go from Reno, Nevada to Eugene Oregon. Eric planned to start a new business with his wife, Kristi’s brother, Timmy Morgan. Sadly Kay never had the chance again to hear her son’s voice again. You can find my first article here on BNN which I wrote on August 5th, 2010.

On August 13th, 2010 it was reported on The Hinky Meter, by ValHall that Eric’s wife, Kristi and her brother, Timmy were located in Minnesota and the two children were OK. At the time all that we were told was that Timmy had confessed but it wasn’t exactly clear as to what exactly he had confessed to. You can find my report here from August 14th, 2010.

Later it was learned that Eric died a brutal death at the hands of his brother in law while apparently Kristi watched. Val has an article which you can read here explaining it in more details. Val I personally would like to thank you for your coverage of Eric’s disappearance. You have been a blessing to Kay and her family. God bless your heart.

A few days ago I received a request from Kay asking me to please read the obituary she wrote in honor of her son on our Sunday Broadcast but unfortunately we had decided to cancel that program but we will return next week. I asked Kay if she would like me to post it here in my article and she said yes.

Here is the heartbreaking obituary that Kay wrote in memory of her loving son, Eric Preimesberger.



Eric was taken from us sometime between April 21, 2010 and April 24, 2010 by a senseless act of violence, in Reno, NV. His legal date of death is the day the M.E.’s office received him into their care 8/19/2010

Eric moved with his family to Farmington, NM in 1990. He attended school in Farmington and Bloomfield, and graduated from Bloomfield High School in 1998. He graduated from San Juan College after two years of auto body repair training.

Eric is survived by his children; Ivy Rayne age 6 and Damien Eric age 22 months, his parents; William Wilson his bonus(step) father, mother Kay Wilson all of Farmington, NM. and bonus mom Laurie Harns of Vancouver, WA, his siblings; brother Coby Preimesberger and sister Teresa Wilson of Farmington NM, his bonus sisters; Kara and Nicole Lukens of Vancouver, WA, bonus sister Janie Sheets of Kirtland, NM and bonus brother M. Eugene Sheets III of Snyder TX, His maternal grandparents Max and Lois Hickman of Glendive, MT.

Eric is also survived by numerous Aunts, Uncles, many, many cousins and loving friends from all over the country. I hope if he could dream at all, he was dreaming of all those who love him and he that loved and will eagerly await the time we can see him again.

He was proceeded in death by his father Edwin J. Preimesberger of Vancouver, WA, paternal grandparents X. Fred Preimesberger of Glendive, MT, Pete and Judy Penner of Florence, MT. and his Uncle Chuck (Charles) Preimesberger of Glendive, MT.

Eric was an outstanding father who loved spending time with his kids, playing with them as often as he could.

When not with his kids, Eric tried to spend time out riding his scooter. He loved to go for rides with the BBSC (battle born scooter crew), his scooter club in Reno, on his beloved Honda Rukus Scooter. If his Ruckus would have been human, it would have been his best friend, as it was, he loved his buds in the club. One of his friends from his scooter club spelled his name” Eruck”, because of his love for his scooter. When Eric was younger, he loved to go fast on his dirt bikes, on his KTM for him. He rode in many races and had lots of trophies and several broken bones to show for it. He rode with Don Sheets JR. his cousin and one of his best buds.

Eric was a trusted and loyal friend, if you needed him he would drop everything and come running. He always had a smile on his face, a quick joke or silly impression, to make you feel better. Even if you were really having a bad day he could cheer you up, and make you laugh. One of the Washington sisters told me a story of when they went to the fair, there was a person making balloon things. Eric made his into a hat and wore it the rest of the day that way, just to make her and the other two kids laugh. He always thought of others first.

Eric was the light of my life, I loved him from the moment I knew I was Pregnant with him, and that love only grew stronger every day of his life, it will never stop ’til the day I die. I remember when I was single, and working 3 jobs and coming home from work so tired and depressed I wanted to cry, I would walk through the door and both boys would run to hug me, but Eric would say ” Wasn’t it a great day mommy!?” and then it would be.

Eric lost his father at an early age, so he vowed to be the best dad ever, and he was until the day he was brutally taken from them. His life was cut too short by people that have no regard for human life. We will see justice done for him, we fervently promise. This is our solemn vow from his Mom, Dad, and his large clan of friends and family.

There will be a celebration of Eric’s life in the near future. We will try to let all know far enough ahead they can get the time off and allow time for travel.

There has been a memorial fund established for Eric’s children, Ivy and Damien, at the Animas Credit Union 2101 E 20th Farmington, NM 87401. acct #929120.The name on the account is Kay Wilson, Eric’s mother, who will administer the funds for the children. Phone 505-326-7701 or 505-545-4033 with any questions.

Eric Preimesberger May You Rest in Peace. Kay, Simon and I once again send our deepest condolences for the loss of your son that you loved so dearly. Our prayers are with you, Eric’s children Ivy Rayne and Damien Eric, and the rest of your family. God be with you all.

Jan and Simon Barrett

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