lindsey-lowe.jpg25 year old Lindsey Lowe who worked as as an assistant to a pediatric dentist in Hendersonville, Tennessee, was at the home of her parents when she delivered twin babies in the bathroom. She claims that she never told her family or anyone else that she was pregnant and had never even seen a doctor throughout the whole pregnancy according to the police affidavit.

Fox News says that the affidavit shows that the first baby fell into the toilet and started to cry so Lowe, grabbed it and covered it’s mouth in fear that her parents would hear it and she didn’t want them to find out about it. She said she kept her hand over its mouth until it was dead.

A few minutes later the second baby was born and fell into the toilet too. Once again Lowe held her hand over the baby’s mouth til it was dead as well. The affidavit said that Lowe said the first infant took a couple of minutes before it died but the second one died more quickly.

Lowe placed both babies in a laundry basket and covered them with blankets. The police say that both of the babies appeared to be of full term and guessed their weight to be 5 or 6 pounds each.

Lindsey Lowe was arrested after her father found the body of a baby in the laundry basket and called the police. She was at work when she was arrested. She is being charged with two counts of first degree murder.

I have a couple of questions here. First of all how can a woman go full term carrying twins without anyone knowing she was pregnant? When I was pregnant with my twins, at 6 months I looked like I was ready for delivery and there is no way I could have hid the fact that I was pregnant. This woman worked at a pediatric dental office for crying out loud. How come no one noticed she was pregnant?

Second how could any mother do this to their newborn children? Why kill them? Tennessee is one of the states that has the law that allows mothers to just drop their unwanted children off at what they call “safe haven” places such as hospitals, police stations or fire stations (as long as someone is there to look after the child) and there would be no questions asked and no charges against them for it as long as the baby is not harmed.

This hits me hard because I lost my twin boys and here this woman gives birth to them and kills them. What I wouldn’t give to have had the chance to snuggle with my twin boys. To see her take the life of her boys like this tears me up. What could have made her do this?

Her friends were shocked when they heard about it. “She was always such a sweet, upbeat girl who has such a great life. She was always really involved, everyone always looked up to her,” said Kailee Henson, who is a sorority sister to Lowe. “You would never think in a million years she could do something like that.”

These babies never had a chance on this earth. God has them both now and we know they are being well taken care of.

Jan Barrett

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