Late Wednesday night in a Marianna, Pennsylvania home a gruesome discovery was made by relatives of the victims. They walked in and found 22 year old Ashley Guarino, along with her two children, a 2 year old daughter, Dreux and an 11 month old son, Orlando Jr. The state police claim they died of strangulation but wouldn’t give any further details. Orlando Guarino was arrested and charged with three counts of homicide, said state police, Capt. Sheldon Epstein.

Their 18 year old babysitter, Danielle Ehrhardt told authorities that Ashley and her husband seemed to have always gotten along very well but lately they were going through problems concerning the care of their two children.

A manhunt went out on the 22 year old victims estranged husband, Orlando Guarino when he was considered a suspect in the murders. He was caught when authorities surrounded a motel room they thought he might be in. They put out bulletins that he was driving a white GMC pickup truck. Helicopters surrounded the area while they made the arrest.

It has been reported that court documents show that the Guarino’s have accused each other of abuse this last month. Ashley and Orlando Guarino, 38, were separated and she had obtained an order of protection against her estranged husband. She accused her husband of holding their 11 month old son out the window of a moving vehicle asking her if she wanted to see something crazy. She also claimed that he carried her son into the house on his hip while carrying a butcher knife in his other hand.

Orlando, who has a criminal record, had requested a protective order against his wife as well but they turned him down. He tried telling the courts that not only did his wife threaten to shoot him but her father did too.

Jan Barrett

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