In another absolutely hilarious “alarming” poll result recently conducted by the ARD, Germany’s public television channel one, it seems that the majority of Germans are dissatisfied with their democratic system. Like duh. What a shocking new revelation.

Of the Germans surveyed, 51 percent no longer trust in the government and have lost faith in the justice system. This is total malarkey. Somebody obviously fiddled with the numbers. I know for a fact that the number is well over 80 percent here.

I love these typically German surveys carried out by typical German pollsters about typical German questions that typically mean nothing. The key term here is “most Germans”, folks. Of course most Germans are dissatisfied with their democratic system. Most Germans are dissatisfied with everything. This makes asking a German his or her opinion about something a complete waste of time, it’s a foregone conclusion. Pick just about any subject and you’ll see what I mean.

The most Germans who, say, are rightly dissatisfied with their history, with the totalitarian systems of their past, are the same most Germans who were dissatisfied with the systems that preceded them and made them possible. The most Germans who are dissatisfied with the modern Wohlstandsgesellschaft (affluent society) are the same ones dissatisfied with the very thought of anybody trying to spread their Wohlstand in a more just and reasonable way. The most Germans who believe that Germany was better off when a wall was dividing it are the same most Germans who would howl the loudest if it were suddenly standing there again.

Most Germans think this way. And it’s usually most of the time. And its never 51 percent, it’s always in the 80 percent plus bracket. And whenever 80 percent of anybody anywhere agrees on something, unless it’s free beer, you know that something fishy is going on. You’re being verarscht (your leg is being pulled).

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