A leaked June memo, outlining the decision by Mormon Church leadership to use resources and staff in support of California’s Proposition 8, may just eventually end up costing the cult far more than the 20 million or so it spent helping get the ballot initiative passed.

I do not know a lot of openly gay people, of those I do. It’s never made me uncomfortable knowing gay people teach my grand children and provide medical care when I am sick. But I have always distrusted the motives, character and basic humanity of those who make a point to actively engage in political and media campaigns to deny any one individual or group the same civil rights I enjoy.

When the Mormon Church last attempted to so publicly influence culture and politics in America, Jimmy Carter was President. He told them unless they ceased actively supporting segregation at home and abroad, they would have to start paying taxes like any other association of folks who incorporate white pride and politics into their religious outreach. Lo and behold the Prophet who heads the latter day saints, got a revelation and within weeks the church lifted internal restrictions on black members and stopped the overt flow of money to the more racist third world dictators.

While my Church and evangelicals were as guilty as the latter day saints in breaking the rules by stepping outside the pulpit to promote candidates and causes this political season. Catholic Bishops have centuries of experience in breaking rules. When it comes to pissing over the wall of separation between church and state, Study a catholic prelate my friend, he makes it an art form. Because the Mormon leadership is mostly adept at in house flimflamming of a flock, its inexperience in attempting to beguile the greater electorate, left a paper trail leading all the way back to Salt lake city.

The latter day saints have spent the last three decades with some success attempting to mainstream their cult into protestant respectability. And just as my own Church successfully spent generations covering up institutional wide molestation and sheltering thousands of pedophile priests. The leaders of the Mormon Church have done a great job beguiling the lay disciple and casual observer, into accepting an image that has little to do with reality. And like Catholics thirty years ago, the allegations being made today by ex members are too outrageous and too unbelievable.

Eventually the darkness that is the very heart of the Mormon faith will reach critical mass. And I speculate the guys in charge then like the bishops of my own church, will wring their hands and say what an awful thing and let us now pray for all the poor victims of our past sins, and if you please brother pass the collection plate.

Civil rights history tells us, it’s the passage of laws intended to single out particular groups for discrimination, that often become the catalyst for inspiring movements that overcome prejudice. So I guess from a spiritual perspective, perhaps God is using the hate and bigotry of those who support the anti-gay coalitions, to reach the undecided who will ultimately determine the outcome.

That’s my view, I am sure yours is different


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