“Not so” says the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (AKA The Mormons). In a short press release issued today the Mormons are obviously trying to distance themselves from the firestorm that the Warren Jeffs trial is going to create. Jeffs faces trial next week on ‘statutory rape’ charges, for his alleged assignations with a young girl. Had the girl been his wife, it would all be fine, and indeed he asserts that she was indeed his wife.

Unfortunately the laws decree that you are only permitted to have one wife at a time. Personally I think this is a really good thing. I could not imagine having a whole ‘Gaggle’ of them, lets face it, at least one of them would be grumpy at any given time!

The ‘official’ Mormons, in an attempt to distance themselves have produced this interesting statement:

SALT LAKE CITY, UT–(Marketwire – September 07, 2007) – With the imminent trial of polygamist Warren Jeffs in Utah, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is sending out a statement of clarification today, emphasizing that Jeffs and his polygamous group have no association whatever with the worldwide church often referred to as the “Mormon” faith. Jeffs is not and never has been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church says that confusion frequently arises, especially among headline writers, when polygamous groups are in the news. Full text: See “Commentary” at www.newsroom.lds.org.

Of course one has to ask why it has taken so many years for them to actually talk about Jeffs? It is not as if this was happening on the moon, it was happening in the Mormon sand-box that the rest of us refer to as Utah.

Is this a case of ‘see no evil’? As long as Jeffs presented no threats, but did tithe 10%, life was good. Now Jeffs is in trouble, the church wants to distance themselves. One has to wonder about this sudden news release. For years the Mormons knew about Jeffs, and gave their tacit blessing to his operation by not saying anything, now Jeffs is on CNN they are back pedaling as fast as their little Mormon legs will go!

Simon Barrett


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