On October 17th, 20 year old Morgan Harrington had big plans on attending a Metallica Concert with some of her friends. With the help of her mother, she chose to wear a black Pantera T-shirt, a black mini-skirt, black tights and knee high black boots.She left about noon telling her mother goodbye by using their special greeting saying “Two, four, one, Mama” which was short to them meaning, “I love you too much, forever and one more time.” This was the last time Gil Harrington saw her daughter.

That night she apparently got separated from her friends at the Metallica Concert in Charlottesville and she ended up outside the University of Virginia’s John Paul Jones Arena and she couldn’t get back in. She did manage to call one of her friend at the concert telling them not to worry about her, that she would find her own way home but sad as it may be, she never made it home.

She was last seen about 9:30 that night walking alone on a railroad bridge near the arena. Witnesses told police that she appeared to have a scratch on her chin but they don’t think it could have been from any attack on her. Her purse and cell phone were found the next day in a grassy lot used for overflow parking.

About 10 am this morning, Tuesday January 26, 2010 the police got a call from a resident who reported that he found human remains buried in the Anchorage Farm of David Bass near Interstate 64 southwest of Charlottesville.

A press release was held later and Colonel Steven Flaherty, the superintendent of the Virginia State Police, said “based on evidence… we’re fairly confident that the remains are those of Morgan Dana Harrington.”

Flaherty said that they “cannot release the evidence that leads us to this conclusion at this particular time.” But the owner of the farm Bass said that there were some clothes found near the remains also.

My heart goes out to Dan and Gil Harrington. They must be torn apart waiting to hear if this is their daughter. On January 12th Gil had posted a note saying:

“I remind myself that this is not in my hands and that the truth cannot be hidden forever—it will out. I pray that the truth of this crime shows itself while Morgan is still alive. I have no interest in recovering a body. I would rather not know and always have some morsel of hope.”

Morgan was close to her parents and visited them and her brother Alex often in Roanoke. Her family said that Morgan has a close circle of friends and that she loved to curl up with books. She spent her high school summers working with children who have witnessed domestic violence.

I am sure this young lady will be missed dearly. God bless her family especially while they mourn for their daughter. My prayers certainly will include them.

Jan Barrett

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