I have a good friend who runs a publishing company, his speciality is history. He told me once “Only by looking backwards can you move forward”. It is a very true statement. I might be tempted to say “We are what we were”.

It is often that by examining the past we can make sense of the present, and on rare occasions even make predictions about the future.

When it comes to the Caylee Anthony case, there are very few that see freedom in the future of mother Casey Anthony. She faces not a Guilty/Not Guilty situation, but rather a life or death one. Personally I cannot see the prosecutors pulling off a death penalty case, but I can see a lifetime of Jail cells in Casey Anthony’s future.

Few people seem to believe in Casey Anthony’s story(s), or the spin that her defence team has put on them.

Jose Baez does seem to be entering a rather rocky period in his career. Several news sources are reporting that the house he owns has entered into foreclosure. You can view the gory details here.

Of course one has to wonder who he got his mortgage advice from? Maybe George and Cindy Anthony?

I get a headache with big numbers like $640,000, that is an amount of cash that I cannot conceive. I understand simple numbers, I know that $100 will buy food, $600 will pay the rent, etc.

With the housing market in the proverbial toilet, I don’t think that too many things should be read into this development. His eyes were obviously bigger than his belly.

I did however find a much more interesting document about Jose Baez. A judgement against him for the sum of $4094.47 plus court costs of $310.00, the total owing being $4404.94. A paltry sum for a man of Jose Baez’s stature? But one that he failed to pay. I did contact the company that initiated the court action, Orange Reporting Inc., it did take three levels of management, but finally I got conformation of the events (although no details).

Orange Reporting Inc. are a court reporting service, Mr Baez had retained them to perform (likely) depositions. He had not paid the bill in a timely fashion, and so they took him to small claims court!

Oh, and the date of this judgement was March 09. The company however did point out that this  ‘collection’ activity was not related to the Caylee Anthony case.

PDF of the conclusion can be found here.

Simon Barrett

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