More weapons than you think, that is. How many guns are there in Germany? Nobody knows for sure. Ironic, isn’t it? In a country which prides itself on having such strict gun control. But after the latest massacre in Virginia, it’s time to go through another short rendition of the let-us-tighten-up-our-gun-control-some-more ritual again. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it just tightened up recently? It wasn’t long after one of the latest big shootouts, I believe – in a place called Erfurt, wasn’t it?

Depending upon the political agenda you are pursuing, the number of privately-held weapons in Germany varies between 10 and 40 million. But nobody knows exactly how many there are because most of these weapons remain safely unsafely tucked away from state authorities and bureaucracy by owners who will never trust them. Are all of these people just “mere criminals”? That’s a whole bunch. Strange, there appear to be millions of people living in Germany who are perfectly willing to break the law to own a gun.

I guess Germans just really like guns. But I thought it was only the Americans who were the Waffennarren (weapons nuts) out there. Hmmm, they (the Germans) certainly do make and sell a lot of them. The guy in Virginia used German weapons, too. Wait a minute. I thought the Germans were against globalization?

I’m not a gun fan (went hunting as a kid, but that’s it), but I don’t believe in the illusion that gun control will make unforeseeable, and therefore uncontrollable problems like these go away, either.

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