We reported about some union violence in Somerville, Mass. a few days ago, and now here is an update.

Charles Carneglia, owner of Russell Disposal, claimed to the Somerville News that union members who have been picketing his place of business drew a gun and a knife on him. He says he pulled his own gun and they backed off. While I won’t necessarily believe this story must be true, it wouldn’t be too surprising if it were. Not after the violence that union members have been responsible for in this case.

In fact, more union members were arrested by police for disorderly conduct as they picketed the disposal service last Thursday.

According to the Somerville News:

Close to 100 Teamsters from Local 25 and 70 police officers dressed in riot gear with wooden sticks in hand pushed each other back and forth as police removed the padlock from the gate. Minor scuffles broke out in the crowd and 10 Teamsters were arrested “for rude, offensive and threatening conduct,” according to police.

The situation, though, is telling. The union continues to harass this business and its employees even though the majority of those same employees rejected union representation in a vote not long ago. The voting down of the union was by “a wide margin” according to reports.

Yet, still, this union continues to harass everyone at Russell Disposal, despite what the voice of the “little man” told the union to go do with their representation!

Yeah, them thar union fellers is all about “democracy,” ain’t they?

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