A recent report has shown that in Canada more than fifty percent of victims suffering from the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma file for Workers Compensation, despite the fact that the majority of those that do file for this compensation are successful with their claims.

The data relating to these claims was recently published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine. Workers Compensation is designed to cover the medical expenses incurred by those that contract an illness or suffer injury at work. The compensation is also designed to help the families of those that have suffered ill health or injury.

One industry official who was involved in the research that was published stated: “Workers’ compensation can compensate for wage losses and treatment costs, such as prescriptions that are not covered under other insurance plans. It can also pay survivor benefits to families of patients.”

She also said that it was important that research was carried out to determine why so many sufferers were failing to make the claim and get the money to which they were entitled. She stated: “Once we determine why patients aren’t filing, we can develop and implement strategies to increase rates.”

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