For the second time in as many weeks there was a problem in the Google ‘Cloud’. Today’s victim was their Gmail email system, for a couple of hours Gmail was unavailable to what appeared to be a pretty significant number of users.

The interesting aspect to this outage was that it did not appear to be geographic, I lost both my personal account and our BNN Editor account, but my wife’s Gmail account seemed relatively unscathed.

The last storm to hit the cloud involved Blogger, and for me at least it was just irksome, for others it was a much more serious problem, crippling serious news sites.

Todays outage most certainly hit close to home for me. Effectively no-one could get in touch with me. Although BNN may not (yet) pushing CNN or Fox News off the pedestal we do take this endeavor very seriously, and pride ourselves on being responsive in minutes rather than days to email requests.

I am a big fan of Cloud Computing, it takes the problems from my life, whatever I need is available from any Internet connected computer, if my hard drive crashes, all of my data is somewhere else. But is Cloud Computing ready for prime time?  My thoughts are no. It is a great concept, but I cannot see any large companies relying on it for some time.

Simon Barrett

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