“Nature” magazine recently announced with great fanfare that if you ignored those pesky ice-core records from Antarctica, then the last deglaciation was PRECEDED by a CO2 rise — which is necessary if you are to claim that CO2 CAUSED the warming. The paper by Shakun is headed “Global warming preceded by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations during the last deglaciation”

I immediately pointed out the belief in magic needed to come to that conclusion but other skeptics have been looking at the claim too.

So a quick layman’s summary of three other bit of trickery found in the “Nature” article. Don’t rely on my summary as anything more than an introduction, though.

In his first post on the subject, Willis Eschenbach pointed out that the authors hid some very embarassing stuff by using averages. When you look at the individual temperature proxies that the authors used, you see that they show vastly different times at which CO2 levels peaked. So it becomes impossible to say what the sequence was. Some records suggest that warming came first and others say that a CO2 rise came first. So the whole Shakun claim collapses in a heap.

In his second post Eschenbach shows that the authors cut off the more recent end of the data record — Where CO2 rises but temperatures FALL! That’s pure fakery and dishonesty.

And Piers Corbyn points out that Antarctica is where temperature changes are first seen (it has 91% of the earth’s glacial mass) and that the Arctic follows the Antarctic but with a lag of several thousand years. Changes that began in the Antarctic take a long while to percolate through to the Arctic. So the emphasis given by the “Nature” authors to the Arctic is misplaced and they are in fact missing the main game.

If there’s no such thing as a happy Greenie, it also seems that there is no such thing as an honest Warmist

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