How long will it be before companies get the message that internet users don’t want to be stalked? Back in 2009 I wrote an article about some bunch of asses doing the same thing. Who had ever heard of Well based on my article reads, I’d say the almost 50,000 people are now better informed.

I am not keen on being stalked online.

I found a new sleazy outfit doing the same thing today. I was looking online for what should be a $1 fitting to fix a small problem that we have with our (not quite regular) internet setup. It is unlikely that Better Homes And Gardens will be featuring our Living Room anytime soon.

My wife asked me what I was doing, I explained that I was trying to find a $1 gizmo connector. Alas the only ones I could find were in Hong Kong, and would take three weeks to get here! Have you tried Radio Shack? Well no I had not. There is actually a Radio Shack in town, but my one and only experience with them was not good. Do you have an ATX power supply, it really doesn’t matter what the specs are? “no” was the answer “Power Supplies for computers are specialty items”. We can order one,it should be here in a couple of weeks, and it is only $99.   

Instead I bought one online, with shipping it cost $30 and I had it three days later.

Frustrated with my search for the $1 widget I did indeed try Radio Shack.

The online search for the gizmo gave me this page:


 Obviously the screen shot has the important stuff in very small letters, So let me assist:


I live in a world with a Cookie Manager, she makes the best darn cookies around!

So who is Gsimedia? This is where it gets fun. The main page is:


OK, so they are yet another bunch trying to make a dime off the backs of internet users. They are hardly the first, and I seriously doubt they will be the last.

I went back a step and decided to check out the exact link that I had received from Radio Shack:


 It is small type, so let me show you the text;

Advertisers use cookies primarily to remember repeat users, but may also be used to maintain campaign information, and other functions. To opt out is always an option. Choosing to opt out means your browser will no longer be associated with a unique cookie, but will instead store a non-unique cookie value of “ID=OPT_OUT”. By opting out, you have not disabled the cookie functionality within your browser, you will continue to retain an Advertiser cookie.

Cookies are specific to your browser. If you use multiple types of browsers on one computer (e.g., Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator) you will need to opt out separately for each browser. Cookies are also unique to each computer. Therefore you must opt out separately on all computers you use.

If you delete all of your cookies, you will be deleting the “Opt Out” cookie, and will therefore have to go through the opt out process again to reactivate your opted-out status.

There are still some “volatile” or “non-persistent” cookies that may reside in your browser cookie file for short periods of time (e.g., during a session or for 24 hours). These cookies are used for storing information about things such as rich media and ad duplication, but do not provide tracking for campaign frequency or campaign management purposes.

To learn more about cookies, Internet advertising and the opt out process, please visit

You can opt out of the Advertiser’s cookie by clicking below:

Opt Out Now

 This document may be taken a couple of ways. Obviously deleting cookies would fix it, but…

 If you delete all of your cookies, you will be deleting the “Opt Out” cookie, and will therefore have to go through the opt out process again to reactivate your opted-out status.

When did I ‘opt in’? And what you are saying is that if I ‘opt out’ you will just return again! There is something very wrong with this picture. It is high time that sleazy companies like GsiMedia, Scorecardresearch and the rest of the bottom dwelling, mud sifters got real jobs. I want to ‘opt in’ not opt out. I use Google Analytics because I like to, I like the data. But I ‘opted in’, I had do do real stuff to get it on the site.

Simon Barrett


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