I recently published an article about a new business venture in Las Vegas, if you missed it, you can read it here. The bottom line is simple, getting married by an Elvis impersonator is passe, It would be more fun to get married by an ex-mobster. Hang out with ex-mobsters, and truly have some pictures worthy of the family photo album.

These are not imposter’s, these are the real McCoy! They have abandoned the Witness Protection Plan in favor of the Wedding Protection Party.

Were it not for the fact that I have spent time talking to these people I might suspect that it is just another Fake Elvis idea. It is not. These are people that ‘in the day’ were as serious as a heart attack. Flip one off at the traffic lights and you were in big doggy doo!

Frank Cullotta was Tony Spillotro’s enforcer In Vegas, and also the key figure behind what became known as The Hole In The Wall Gang. They had an aversion to using doors when committing crimes, preferring instead to use high explosives to create their own entrance.  Thats what is known as making a grand entrance!

Andrew DiDonato was a Gambino associate, when not on mob business he was a bank robber! Oh, not the $1000 here, $1000 there type. Andrew was big league. Big and brazen.

But why should people like Frank Cullotta, Andrew DiDonato, and a cast of others wish to once more seek the lime light?

I had a hunch that my good friend, author and crime writer Denny Griffin would be involved. I guessed correctly! If there is something Mafia oriented, Denny will be involved. He even looks the part!


I have the accent, Denny has the contacts, one of these days we are going to cash in on Robin Leech and Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, but I suspect our version will be Lifestyles Of The Lawless And Infamous!

So who is the spokesman for Real Wiseguys? I asked Mr Griffin. “Wheels” was his somewhat less than helpful answer.

Wheels? I pondered this for a while. At one time or another I have talked to most of the Denny Griffin Hall of Fame. Many of them do indeed have strange nicknames, but ‘Wheels’ was not one that I could recall. My guess was that ‘Wheels’ was a getaway driver for Andrew DiDonato after one of his famous bank heists.

I was wrong. ‘Wheels’ is none other than Michael Wheels Parise, professional comic, and celebrity chef!  He owns two catering companies, one in LA and one in Vegas, but I am not sure that he is licensed for children’s birthday parties!

With this cast of characters I just could not resist. On Sunday Dec 4 at 4pm eastern, 1pm pacific we are going to all sit down and talk Mafia, Marinara Sauce, Mayhem, and Marriage!

You can listen live using this link.

I have already booked myself into rehab, I am sure I will need it after this program!

Simon Barrett

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