Here are a few more of our hot hits that we have previews for.

To Save a Life is a heart warming story of a high school basketball player that learns a valuable lesson in life but at the cost of a tragic death of one of his childhood friends. The problem is, will this cost him his popularity at school and his future including a scholarship for college. You can read more about the preview here.

Most people start out dating someone, fall in love with them, get married and then they start a family. In the movie The Back-up Plan the story goes like this only it is in reverse action. Jennifer Lopez plays Zoe and after coming to the conclusion that her time for giving birth is running out she decided to stop waiting on her Mr. Right to have a family with and do it on her own. But does her Mr. Right appear after it is too late? Read more here for our preview of the movie.

I wonder how many comic book fans we have out there. If you are one you would probably watch the new movie, Kick-Ass. A teenager decides to use his obsessions as an inspiration to become a real life superhero but without the superhero powers which could be a bad thing. Take a sneak peak at the preview of this movie to see if you might like it.

If you like Meryl Streep I think you would like this movie, It’s Complicated. She teams up with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin and this ends up in a love triangle that seems to cause a lot of chaos. Jane, played by Streep has to make a decision that can effect the rest of her life but which would she be better off with. Read our preview of the movie here and then see the movie and see what he decision is.

Stay tuned for more previews as they come in. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Jan Barrett

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