The Village Voice has the interesting details of the long history of the mob-like actions indulged in by the corrupt New York School bus drivers union over the last several years and the details are shocking. This on going story gets deeper every day.

But ex-school-bus driver Anthony Rinaldo says he found out that there was more to collect than just grievance forms. In September 2000, shortly after Rinaldo began to work for his union, he went to meet with a school-bus operator, a woman named Rae Fouché. After the meeting, Rinaldo said the bus operator handed him an envelope. “Give this to Sally,” she said.

Rinaldo got the picture. The envelope had that special stuffed-with-cash feel to it. He also knew “Sally” to be his boss, Salvatore Battaglia, who was then the leader of Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union and its 15,000 members. Rinaldo did as asked. When he delivered the envelope, Battaglia thanked him.

Rinaldo alleges that ten thousand dollars a week was doled out in his little envelopes.

Of course, like all mob actions, this one when exposed saw a few flunkies and bosses go down to guilty charges while many others stayed right where they were, firmly in control of the union.

But while the top two culprits at the union have been dispatched (Battaglia pled guilty last month; Bernstein died in October at age 86), most of the rest of the executive board from the old regime has remained undisturbed.

As we mentioned before, these union thugs multiply faster than Federal prosecutors can snatch them up. The best way to get rid of these crooks is to burn out the entire den.

There is a lot more over at the Village Voice if you’re at all interested in the dirty details.

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