Today we have another case in our long, long list of indicted Democrats who are mysteriously not identified as Democrats by the media. This time it is in the great state of Louisiana where two Democrat judges are caught up in Federal racketeering charges for taking bribes.

State District Judge Michael Walker, Democrat of Shreveport, stands accused of taking cash and goods in exchange for reducing bonds and for setting himself up as a one man justice department to speed criminals to get out of jail on an expedited schedule… all for a price. Caddo Parish Juvenile Court Judge Vernon Claville, also a Democrat, is accused in the same indictment of taking cash to help juvenile defendants to get released quick… again, for a price.
As the AP reports:

Both judges are accused of accepting bribes from Larry N. Williams, 41, also charged in the indictment. Williams is identified as a licensed bail bondsman and owner of A-Instant Bail Bond company in Shreveport.

The indictment outlines 24 specific criminal acts. If convicted, each man faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, according to U.S. Attorney Donald Washington’s office.

But, as we are getting so used to, not a single news report I have seen identifies either judge’s Party affiliation.

Not the AP, not KTBS TV, not even the Shreveport Times can recall the accused judges’ political party.

Louisiana is a state where judges declare their party, so it isn’t a secret, after all.

I know that this story is a bit repetitive and some of you out there are yelling to just move on (so-to-speak) from this focus on the failure of the MSM to mention a Democrat’s Party when he is under indictment or is convicted. But, here is the thing, we must continue to point out the bias and document it for posterity. And if enough people are aware of the bias, perhaps their complaints will be heard — not that I’m holding my breath for that!

So, I will bring these stories to the fore whenever I find them (and thanks to all of you who send me tips on this type of story)

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