Traditional German peace activism is getting less and less active all the time. Especially when it’s raining and there’s something good on TV, it seems. Of course it always rains here and there’s never anything good on TV, but who cares? Even traditional marchers like the Greens are criticizing these quaint, if not rather elderly, peaceniks as suffering from a “monochrome viewpoint” and promoting the “blanket rejection of the military.”

The military, for its part, is as active as ever in its peacemaking efforts. It trains Afghanistan-bound troops in Germany using Arabic speaking extras, usually Iraqis, pretending to be insurgents and thus creating more realism for the soldiers. And according to my calculations, this training program has managed to put more Arabic speaking extras on the ground than the peace movement could peaceniks. But I’ve never been very good at math.

Give training a chance.

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