Using a remarkably broad definition of “speech”. It is speech that is protected by the First Amendment, not prancing around with your clothes off.

“The federal 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a Maryland strip club law prohibiting employees from being unclothed, showing private parts or simulating sex acts while working at a place serving alcohol is unconstitutional.

The plaintiffs, the Legend Night Club and the Classics Night Club, operate adult entertainment establishments in Prince George’s County.

In the opinion issued Thursday upholding a lower court’s injunction against enforcing the law, the court said the statute “prohibits a broad swath of expression protected by the First Amendment.” The court, quoting another case, said the law could even affect non-erotic performances like “a political satire, a Shakespeare play depicting young love or a drama depicting the horrors of rape.”


Left-dominated courts never stop their gross twisting of the constitution. They use it to protect things it does not protect (such as stripping) and also use it to ban things it does protect (such as religious observance). And to top it they find in the constitution protection for things the constitution does not even mention (such as abortion)

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