The upcoming new Microsoft flagship Windows product ‘Vista’ is going to have yet another great unwanted feature in it. You are going to be able to transfer the user license only once. In non geek speak, you will only be able to change hardware once with Vista.

This is equivalent to buying a DVD movie that is restricted to only working on two DVD players. I am sure that RIAA would like this situation, but to quote Bart Simpson, the average consumer “would have a cow”.

I for one am a person that changes hardware frequently, it is not because I need the latest and greatest, it is because I am a nerd. I just like change for changes sake. I get bored and change stuff, and I am sure that I am not alone in this.

I was already feeling deep qualms about Vista, and in my world this is one more nail in Vista’s coffin.

It is almost as if Microsoft has set up a new department, ‘The how to really annoy our customers’ department.

When Windows Vista is available, consumers will be able to transfer the OS license they purchase to only one machine other than the one for which they originally buy Vista, says Shanen Boettcher, a Windows general manager at Microsoft. He says Microsoft thinks the change makes sense because “lifetimes for PCs are getting longer.” Most likely, a user will not need to transfer an OS license to more than one computer during the time that OS is the latest one available, Boettcher says.

This is baloney! MS released XP in 2001, it has been 6 long years that we have been waiting for Vista. Most people have probably replaced their computer more than once in the intervening time. Once again it appears that we the consumer end up on the losing end of the deal.

More information about this ‘wonderful opportunity’ can be found here.

Simon Barrett

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