Or is less gas more? The Germans call biofuel Biosprit but whether you call it that or bioethanol or biobutanol or biodiesel or whatever else kind of bio something you want to call this new poo poo power stuff, well, it’s all a bunch of gas in the end. Or at least it is whenever politicians get their hands on it (yuk), which you can’t really do because it is gas after all, come to think of it.


So now the German government has tossed plans to increase the amount of bioethanol to get mixed up in the regular gasoline next year and Mr. Big Environment minister Sigmar Gabriel himself is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore for a while. It’s the next admission of a failed policy mandated by politicians who maybe ought to should not not pretend that they know all that much about technology even the high-tech technologists appear to have trouble making happen. It turns out that millions of German cars would not be able to operate using this new E10 biofuel blend.

He is blaming his tossing of the towel on his coalition partners of course because that is what he is paid to do and this makes him look all the more green I guess although I feel he looks more white and pasty than anything else and I wonder if they haven’t thought of maybe pumping him up with a little E10 in the morning from time to time. Talk about your poo poo power.

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