Jose Baez likely should have stuck to ambulance chasing, he clearly is not ready for prime time. With his ‘talking head’ Todd Black opening his mouth and solidly sticking his foot in it over the ‘dead child’ comment, what else can go wrong?

Who Knows? But what we can do is examine how Jose Baez has operated in the past. He is not comfortable in the courtroom, he much prefers for cases to dissipate into thin air. He has only had one chance at defending a murder case, and guess what? He lost it. This is hardly a stellar resume, but of course it could be argued that ‘killers can’t be choosers’, well I think that is the saying.

Most of the legal pundits have picked up on the fact that Jose Baez missed an obvious chess move at the arraignment hearing. Rule number one when you are defense is to forward a motion for a speedy trial. Oh, don’t get me wrong, speedy is a misnomer, but it does move the case forward from the glacial speed that the prosecutors would prefer, the more time they have, the more evidence they can amass. The speedy trial motion forces the prosecution to move at a speed more approaching that of a garden snail moving from baby lettuce plant to baby lettuce plant.

It is in the defenses interest to do what they can to rush the case to a jury as soon as possible. This limits the ability of the prosecution to acquire more ‘fire power’. Jose ‘hot shot’ Baez seems to have forgotten ‘Defense lawyering 101’, he failed to ask for this fundamental right. As it now stands, and I personally have no problems with it, the prosecutors can take their time to find new evidence, and build their case.

The question becomes, one of how much longer can Baez hang in there? Of course from Casey Anthony’s userous perspective, all of this plays right into her hand. Regardless of how guilty the jury finds her, Baez has provided a wealth of ‘get out of jail free cards’. What should be realized though, is that this is not a game of Monopoly, this is about a missing, and presumed dead 3 three year old.

I can understand the police wanting to make sure that they have every scrap of damning evidence, but I also think there is a basic need to bring this sad case to an end. I am not a proponent of the death penalty, and years ago, in England voted for its removal as a form of punishment. I still have that belief.

The ‘eye for an eye’ biblical’ punishment style has no place in our modern world. However I will make the exception for some monster that would kill her own child!

Simon Barrett

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