I was pretty happy with my last excursion that involved Tomato Soup and frozen Peas, you can find the recipe here.

There was a temptation to recreate it for a quick snack today, but we were out of tomato soup and I was not sure that V8 Juice would have worked. Also, the prospect of hacking the peas out of the block of ice they call home would have involved the hammer and a lot of noise. Peas and ice end up all over the floor, and my wife gets grumpy.

I needed to find a new direction to take my 20 cent pack of noodles. I found inspiration the moment I opened the refrigerator door. There were leftovers from last night. Fried Tilapia and shoe string fries! Joey had come in late and obviously had not eaten it.


I boiled the Ramen for 2 mins (as per the instructions), added the Tilapia in bite sized pieces and a few shoe string fries. Oh and the seasoning pack, in this case chicken. Let it all rest for a couple of minutes and chowed down.



The results were spectacular! The Tilapia which normally has a very mild flavor had permeated the noodles, imparting great flavor. The shoe string fries managed to keep both crispiness and original taste.

The best part is that I did not destroy the kitchen so Jan is still talking to me.

Bon appitte as the Italians would say.

Simon Barrett

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