News Item:
Immigration deal faces tough road

The good news –
Democrats and Republicans finally sat down together to work on the immigration problem.

The bad news –
Nobody likes their solution.

The resolution, which goes before the Senate on Monday, was hammered out behind closed doors.  It calls for the establishment of a new Z Visa, which in effect would allow illegal aliens to remain here indefinately, as long as they come forward and admit to being here illegally.  Each one that comes forward, would have to pay a $5000 fine, and the head of the household would have to return to his native land first, in order for the other family members to stay.

Make sense?  No?  Well we didn’t get it either.

First, you have find an illegal willing to cough up the 5 G’s.
Second, the head of the household [ostensibly the breadwinner],
has to agree to be booted out after paying up.
Third, well there is no third, because the first two will probably never happen.

Full Story: CBS News

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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