Researchers in South Korea have found that more and more young people in Asia are succumbing to ‘Type 2’ diabetes (commonly known as non-insulin-dependent or obesity related diabetes), due to sedentary life style and unhealthy food habits. Countries like India and China have the largest number of diabetics in the world, with a WHO estimate suggesting that the number of diabetics in these two countries could go up to 20 million, by the year 2025. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, which gives rise to host of problems including hypertension, heart diseases, renal diseases, loss of eye sight etc., It is considered to be a major health concern in the developed world and the changes in our lifestyle have fuelled its growth, in the recent past.   

The current findings by the South Korean researchers, carries a lot of significance, since Asia’s economy could suffer with the increasing number of diabetic cases in young people, as the disease causes severe health problems and often leads to early death. Many countries in Asia, including India and China are struggling to control the ‘diabetes’ epidemic, but in vain, as the number of obese and overweight people in the region has exploded in the last few decades. Scientists fear that unless and until the eating habits and the lifestyle of people improve, diabetes would remain as a major health threat in developing and developed world.

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